Walking side by side to wholeness


Depression, grief, relationship and abuse care


by Jo Sorley

It takes courage
    to be crocus-minded.
God, I’d rather wait until June,
    Like wise roses,
    When the hazards of winter are safely behind,
       and I’m expected,
       and everything’s ready for roses.
But crocuses?
    Highly irregular.
    Knifing through hard-frozen ground and snow,
       and sticking their necks out,
       because they believe in spring
       and have something personal
       and emphatic to say about it.
God, I am by nature rose-minded.
    Even when I have studied the situation here
       and know there are wrongs that need righting,
       affirmations that need stating,
       and know also that my speaking out may offend . . .
       for it rocks the boat . . .
    Well, I’d rather wait until June.
    Maybe later things will work themselves out,
       and we won’t have to make an issue of it.
God, forgive,
    Wrongs don’t work themselves out.
    Injustices and inequities and hurts don’t just dissolve.
Somebody has to stick her neck out,
    Somebody who cares enough
        to think through
        and work through hard ground,
    because she believes
        and has something personal
        and emphatic to say about it.
Me God?
    Could it be that there are things that need to be said,
        and you want me to say them?
I pray for courage.

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I've been a client of Lynn Kehler for several years. 
She is highly knowledgeable, a great listener and encourager. We all need healing on some level and having Lynn as my counsellor has created a safe space which allows me to do just that! She's helped me find my healthy voice and move forward. 
I'm so grateful for all I've learned and will continue to learn from her. 


There are so many things I could say. Lynn was recommended to my husband and I through some close friends, and we are so thankful we took the chance and went to see her! Lynn is an amazing counsellor, she has helped my husband and I through so many challenges in our marriage, and we would not be where we are today without her. We truly feel God sent her into our life to help us save our marriage at the right time! She has counselled me for anxiety/depression, which was just life changing for me. I have an understanding of how it works now and therefore how to control it in my life. She has such a gift for what she does. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She will always have a special place in my heart for all the ways she has spoken into my life. 
I am a firm believer in the benefits of counselling because of her!


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